Should Text messages sent by employees be private?

When an employee of a firm sends a mail using his/her employee email, it is usually saved in the firms database. It can be looked at by the firm at any time for what ever reason they may see fit. With the industry being as such, should text messages sent by employees be private.

Well in my opinion i believe that text messages sent by employees using the firms emails should not be private. If there is need for the employee must send a mail and its needs to be private, there are many private emailing websites that are made for the purpose of privacy, examples are yahoo, hotmail, etc.

And though everyone has a right to privacy, it is still the firms property and it being the firms property, i would think it okay for them to check the context of the mail, i may even go as far as to say that it is their right. It is a firm email service to be used to send messages to employees around the firm at a quick and effective way, not for private messages to ones peers or  partner, it is meant for office use so no i don’t think it should be private. Do you?



  1. yeah…they should be private.we would not want anypne seeing our messages with our could cause some unnecessary embarassment at work.

    • but think of it…employee email…why the employee email….
      there are several private websites which could be used…
      the employee email is the business property so it is not meant to be used except for important situations..

  2. This post really got me thinking….. Thank goodness for blogging or else this question might have remained rhetorical in my mind…..

  3. It being an employee e-mail i believe it’s something that shouldn’t be private. It’s meant to pass a message across to all workers effectivelyy as said before, so it shoukd be visible to all workers and the boss included.
    If you want to send a message to your peers then use something else.

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